Customer Review/Comments

"I get all my herb prescriptions here. Usually I email them the formulas and pick them up later on. Prices are reasonable, even when compared to San Francisco. They have pre-packed soups too so I can just put everything into water, boil them for an hour, and have some tasty, healthy soup ready.

I also visit Bill here from time to time. Bill is an excellent acupressurist! I feel so relieved every time I walk out of the store. He helped me to remove my muscle knots and improve my blood circulation. He is extremely precise and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him to anyone who is stressed out or just wants to relax.

5-Stars for sure!" - Jam C.


"I needed to get a deep-tissue massage and I found out that at this place I could get one. I spoke to Bill on the phone and he invited me over. Bill is a very nice guy, he comes from Thailand and he knows how to do his job. He worked on my back. As usual, since my back is so stiff, I've been in pain for a few days but then I got my well-deserved relief. I paid $45 before tip when I went there. I recommend Bill to anyone." - Enrico R.


"Very good Chinese herbal store; clean and efficient. Price is very reasonable. The owner Willie is very polite, nice, helpful, and knowledgeable about the herbs and Chinese medicine in general.

The have a few acupuncturist on site seeing patients and/or prescribing herbs. I haven't used them personal but a friend really like the female acupuncturist there." - w L.


"Best herb store in the area- very clean and tidy, unlike those typical Chinese herb places where everything is so messy all over the place. Dana Market is very clean, and spacious. Their herbs might be a little more expensive than other places, but they do have high quality, clean herbs. Dana Market also have a good variety of different herbs, and I can usually get what I look for.

Willie the owner is so helpful with getting the herbs I need. He also gives good suggestions; he knows herbs so well that I actually learn something new every time after talking to him. Besides, there are acupuncturists and acupressure therapists. Nice people. Thumbs up!" - Francis J.


"I totally agree with the previous review. Dana is the best herb store in the bay area. Willie is extremely nice and helpful. I usually fax herbal prescription to him in the afternoon and i can pick up the herbs on my way back home in the evening. He charges reasonably. I also visited Dr Daniel Tsay on Sunday for acupuncture treatment. Dr Tsay helped treat my swelling issue during pregnancy. Before that, he treated my headache. Very professional. High recommended them!" - mi mi l.